Message from Founder and
Managing Director

At Quantum Naturals our mission is to deliver highest quality nutraceutical products at the best value to our customers. We are committed in our focus to provide premium-quality, natural nutritional supplements that are as close to nature as possible. As we continue growing across the region, we make it a point to remain loyal and true to our core values that have built us the foundation of where we stand today.

We firmly believe that integration of modern scientific techniques into ancient Ayurvedic herbal armamentarium can result in substantial number of treatments or adjuvant therapies for lifestyle health conditions. Our prime focus is on weight management, diabetes or pre diabetes, anabolic androgenic adaptogens, arthritis and herbal based body fitness products. All the three categories of our product range are supported with scientific rationale and data.

We work as specialist on extensive variety of products and formulas. We ensure that purity and quality is foremost in the mind of every Quantum Natural employee. We are also dedicated to continuous investment to improve our technical advantage by scientific research and technical cooperation to better serve our customers. We are equipped with state-of-art, high-tech processing and manufacturing unit where optimum quality standards are achieved.

We use only the most reliable sources of quality raw materials. Our unit has huge production capacity for manufacturing world class nutraceuticals and is managed by well positioned experts and professionals. As the Founder and Managing Director of Quantum Naturals, I along with my team, stand committed to provide much sought after "Quality of Life" through the mantra of "Eating for Treating" and "Health thru Nature". We are looking forward to see you on facebook at or thru

Gurmukh Ghuldu,
Founder and Managing Director