Don’t Let Joint Pain Stop You

The human body is an exceptional piece of bio-machinery. And as we all know, all kinds of machinery are made of thousands of moving parts that work in tandem to keep the machine advancing and functioning efficiently. With so many moving parts. wear and tear is a natural phenomenon.

Our joints are the most flexible and motile parts of our body and it follows that after years of smooth functioning. the will eventually wear. And when they do start wearing, the result is weak and painful joints. A joint is basically a point where two bones come together. The ends of these two bones are padded by cartilages. The cartilages absorb pressure when the bones come together during movement and don’t allow them to rub against each other.

However, with time, cartilages become thinner and start losing their strength and elasticity. As a result. they cannot effectively cushion the ends of the bones as their shock-absorbing ability is diminished. The bones grind over each other causing pain. This condition is called osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is common in the elderly and common complaints include morning stiffness and sharp or dull pain in the joints. especially in the fingers, hips, spine, and knees.

There are a number of pain relief solutions in the market — from oils, gels, ointments to pills. However, along with pain relief, you should also look to supplement your body with nutrients that actually help in cartilage metabolism. These supplements will strengthen the cartilages and bring back their elasticity. Only once you have strong cartilages can you reverse arthritis and the pain associated with it.

The obvious supplements would be those that actually make up the cartilages, like chondroitin. But chondroitin can only be isolated from bones and cartilages and hence comes from animal origin. However. there are certain supplements that boost the metabolism of cartilage regeneration and are completely plant-based.

Quanto Proflex Plus is a research-backed combination of potent herbs that have been shown to boost cartilage metabolism and also relieve pain. The herbs in this combination increase the rate of new cartilage production, thereby balancing it with the rate of cartilage damage. It contains Fenugreek, Boswellia, Turmeric, and Ginger.

Boswellic acid found in Boswellia reduces cartilage degradation and saponins from Fenugreek normalize cartilage metabolism. Curcuminoids from Turmeric and gingeroids from Ginger show an anti-inflammatory effect. thereby reducing pain. It is vegetable based. completely natural and free from any other chemical or heavy metals.

Joint pain should not stop you from enjoying your time at the twilight of your life. This is the time to reminisce the golden days of yore and bask in the warmth of the love of family and friends. A good diet. light physical exercise and the right supplements can help keep health conditions like arthritis at bay and you can revel in the little joys of life.