Eat and Reduce with these 8 Negative Calorie Food

Long have you racked yourself with that never-ending yet never-completely-satisfying dieting process. A firm forbearance of all those lips-smacking food, all those colas, and ice-creams yielded nothing but an unsatisfied and unhappy stomach and heart. And at the end of the day, you just ask yourself, all distressed and irritated, why? Why dieting and cutting out meals is not helping you lose weight effectively?

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Now, gone are the days of severe dieting and starving, the hottest food fad is to Eat and Reduce. Startled? Finally, you can eat as much as you fancy and fight shy of putting on any extra weight. We are spilling the beans on 10 negative calorie foods that you can eat and not gain weight.

Negative Calorie food

Negative calorie food is primarily plant-derivatives having higher water content and fiber. Such food uses more calories than they innately possess for getting digested, hence quashing any fresh calorie intake. Also, the greater amount of fiber makes the digestion process longer resulting in increased metabolism subsequently keeping your stomach full for a stretched period.

1.      Apples

The best snack for those off-time hunger pangs, apples are chock-full of fiber. Along with appeasing your sweet-tooth cravings they also help you stay fit and healthy. A large size apple contains 100 calories while it uses around 120 calories to break down. So, maybe now you would comply with ‘an apple a day’ thing, right?

2.      Broccoli

Brimming with fibers and antioxidants broccoli is the most preferred superfood. Being low in calories, it is a great fat burner. Studies have also revealed that this plant-derived food possesses anti-cancer properties along with being rich in Vitamins.

3.      Carrot

Carrots are yet another low calorie and high fiber food. They are quite effective for people with hypertension issues. Crammed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and potassium, it is indeed a great option to dig in.

4.      Celery

Celery is 75% water, therefore markedly low in calories. Furthermore, the fibers present makes you feel full for longer time. It is packed with Vitamin A and C along with the high density of antioxidants which work wonders for improving cardiovascular health and reducing heart problems.

5.      Cucumber

Cucumber is your best ally on hot summer days. Immensely hydrating, this salad buddy is surprisingly low in calories. Pro-tip: Never peel the skin as it has all the essential fibers.

6.      Grapefruit

One of the most relishing morning eats, grapefruit is effective in reducing fat. Akin to celery, grapefruit too is mostly water thus keeping hunger twinges at bay for a longer time. Effective against heart diseases, grapefruit can be eaten either in slices or as juice.

7.      Lettuce

Another water-made food is lettuce. This salad-staple is water heavy and hence massively contributes in losing weight. It is a powerhouse of energy which also furnishes excellent upshots against the risk of cancer (prostate, colon, ovaries, and breast).

8.      Watermelon

A summer sweetheart, the composition of watermelon is again dominated by water, consequently backing you against the heat. It is super effective in reducing calories. Having high levels of sugar in it watermelon is an ideal choice for dieters having a sweet tooth.

But while these negative calorie food show incredible result with respect to reducing calories they need to be reinforced with additional intakes that can assist your body in the better digestive mechanism. Analogous to these negative calorie food, Quanto Slim is also a great instrument for maintain your ideal weight. An assortment of rich ingredients such as authentic Hoodia from South Africa, Green tea, and The Brazilian fruit Acai Berry, it is as expedient as the above-mentioned marvels.

While we suggest you to add Quanto Slim to your everyday routine, the other activity that must be embraced for that ideal weight is exercise. Irrespective of how strenuous or easy, 30-minute or 10 minutes, at the gym or as part of household chores, exercise in whatever form is essential for a healthy life. So, now losing weight and staying healthy has been made easy with the aid of Quanto Slim, small pops of exercising sessions and all these incredible negative calorie food.

However, it does not end here. There are a lot more undisclosed maneuvers through which you can achieve that much-desirable body. So, stay tuned before we blow the gaff about those back alleyways of losing weight.

Do comment and tell us which of the negative-calorie food is your favorite or if any of which we might have missed (of course, our readers too our Quanto Smart!). You can also share any great recipe that can be made with these negative calorie food. Reach put to us via messages or mail or any suggestions or questions.