Managing Diabetes Effectively and Naturally

Dietary choices and lifestyle habits have increased our susceptibility to diabetes type 2. Diabetes is essentially a problem with glucose metabolism. Because cells become resistant to the action of sugar. glucose does not enter cells as effectively as it should and simply accumulates in the blood. High blood sugar issues can cause a variety of health complications. It is, thus. of utmost importance to manage and regulate blood glucose levels in diabetes.

Many drugs. like metformin. sulfonylureas. alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. are commonly prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes type 2. Unfortunately, these drugs come with their own burden of side effects and future health complications. However. Nature’s wonderful chest of herbs is full of miraculous plant products that have potent blood sugar reducing activity.

Among many such common herbs and spices that can help regulate blood sugar levels. cinnamon, bitter gourd. fenugreek. cloves. curry leaves. garlic, ginger and turmeric are some of them. They help maintain healthy blood sugar without any side effects. In fact. all of these herb are commonly used as food and flavorings.

Quanto Diab Forte is a potent combination of three powerful herbs that have excellent blood glucose reducing activity— cinnamon. bitter gourd and fenugreek. Cinnamon for diabetes has been used since centuries. It is rich in antioxidants that reduce the oxidative stress that is at the root of diabetes. Bitter gourd. or karela. is rich in compounds called charantins that increase glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis.  Fenugreek contains amino acids that reduce glycosylated hemoglobin (HbAlc) levels.

Quanto Diab Forte is an excellent adjuvant therapy in type 2 diabetes along with a proper diet and lifestyle modifications. a disciplined regimen of physical exercise and stress management techniques. It contains three revered herbs that have been used since ages to control blood glucose levels. in the right amounts in an easy to consume capsule form.

The passionate discussion on natural vs allopathic in diabetes will always continue. But we believe that natural products provide targeted therapy even though they take a longer time to show their effects. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and is a result of bad dietary and lifestyle choices. It can only be reversed by correcting diet and lifestyle habits that are also important in reducing risks of diabetes. Natural products have been helping humankind since centuries to help supplement vital nutrients and also to treat many health conditions. They are safe, effective and do not have much side effects. Quanto Diab Forte encompasses the age-old philosophy of using plant products with potent therapeutic activity for treating and managing difficult health conditions.