Sports Nutrition – Enhancing Athletic Performance

Eggs and Cereals for breakfast, protein rich diet for lunch & steamed vegetables accompanied with light proteins for dinner, with a diet like this you can become a pro athlete. Is this what you think? If yes, then rethink! Because, you couldn’t be more wrong! Nutrition is a vital ingredient in the making of an athlete. For optimal athletic performance, it is must for the body to feed upon right amount of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, essential fats, fluids and minerals.

If you are an athlete who is reading this, then you must really understand that your nutritional requirement is completely different in comparison to what a non athletic human body needs. As an athlete you just don’t eat like any man or woman, you “Fuel & Nourish“your system. You don’t need Nutrition; you need “Sports Nutrition”! This is, from where the term “Sports Nutrition” came into existence, meaning a proper balanced intake of all the nutrition sources.

Athletic body needs to generate massive energy in order to cope up with the daily high intensity training routines to finish the race that you have been training hard for. While making a dietary routine zero or No carbs but high proteins becomes the rule, but this should not be the case for you. For an athlete, carbohydrates are an indispensable fuel source. During a moderate workout routine carbs can provide 40 – 50 % of the energy requirement, but as the intensity of the training increases the utilization of carbs too need an increase.

Just like carbs hear a no from you, fat too gets rejected. But as a matter of fact, 60 – 70% of your energy requirements are drawn from fat! This means from now on, think before saying no to essential fats. As an athlete, irrespective of what sport you play, fat consumption should be at least 20% of your total energy intake to enhance your performance.

Now what you are going to read will shock you completely! The all time favorite proteins, the so called vital ingredient in a diet, making you say no to carbs and fat, contributes minimally to the energy needs of the body in comparison to carbohydrates and fats. Yes, that is true! Proteins, no doubt are a must for muscle building, but according to researchers, excess intake of it shows no further muscle gain. Also, surfeit protein intake can deprive you of more efficient fuel sources leading to dehydration.

Now you must be wondering about what sources you can obtain proper sports nutrition from. There are many ways by which athletes can get adequate sports nutrition. They go beyond balanced eating routines and make uses of substances and techniques. Earlier athletes use to intake pharmacological agents, such as anabolic steroids and amphetamines, use of which is now declared illegal by the anti-doping legislation. Thus, most of the pharmaceutical companies have now come up with dietary supplements which are safe and effective for use and are also legal.

Athletes now, in addition to balanced food nutrition are also considering dietary supplements made up of natural extracts to enhance their performance. As per USA dietary supplement health and education act, these supplements are something that are added to the diet. The supplements are concoctions of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanicals and extracts which make it healthy and legal to use for enhancing an athlete’s performance.

At Quantum naturals we understand the importance of sports nutrition and have come up with high quality nutraceutical products like Quanto Peak Pro for sports nutrition to enhance an athlete’s performance. The role of nutrition in sports performance is very important. Proper nutrition must be available pre, during and post exercise. You may have a great game or great workout, but if the proper nutrients are not consumed, your development will suffer. Think of your body as a high performance machine and that you must feed it right performance fuel. So if you are an athlete looking out for a healthy, legal and safe to use dietary supplement to enhance your performance, then connecting with quantum naturals would be a right decision to make.

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