What causes low energy levels in men?

Low level of energy in men over 30 years of age is a contemporary health issue that can be suitably owed to today’s competitive world, where deadlines and meetings plentifully furnish tiredness and fatigue. About seven in every ten men complain of low energy levels after crossing 30.

Lack of energy also has impairing effects on your love life. You feel more drowsy and exhausted, and such conditions get in the way of your love life even before you realise it. Hence, there are a few ways to get rid of this problem. Quanto Max offered by Quantum Naturals is the best herbal performance booster for males. It radically improves vigour, vitality and stamina in men, energises their mind and body and substantially reduces everyday fatigue and tiredness, thereby helping you rejuvenate your love life. It is a 100% natural men’s health supplement that has proven to be an effective energy booster for the male.

Now, let’s check why adult men experience fall in energy levels:


Stress is an essential contributing factor in making you feel low in energy. The cortisol levels (cortisol is the primary stress hormone that works with the brain to control your mood and motivation) get high when you are in stress, and high level of cortisol is a major mood spoiler, suppressing all desires for intimacy.

Thyroid imbalance

Drawn out feelings of fatigue due to low levels of energy can be a sign of a thyroid imbalance. Improper level of thyroid hormone can take a serious toll your love life. It slows down your male hormonal production leading to lack of interest in getting intimate with the partner. Quanto Max is an effective energy booster for male that returns you your vigour, vitality and stamina.

Poor sleep pattern

Sleep is an essential want of a human body following food. It helps you rejuvenate.  Any decrease in adequate rest time can cause low energy levels, making you feel tired and worn out which becomes a ground for your lack of interest in spending intimate time with your partner. Bad sleeping habits, working late till night or sleeping during the day can be a few reasons for the poor sleeping pattern. One or two capsules of Quanto Max, the best performance enhancer for male, with water or milk every night before sleeping can result in energised body and mind along with overall boosted immunity.


Depression makes you gradually lose interest in daily activities; feel sad, have decreased energy and fatigue, all contributing in disrupting your private life. Taking anti-depressant all causes negative effect on your interest in physical intimacy.

Iron deficiency

Lack of iron in the body causes less production of red blood cells which further results in low oxygen levels in various parts of the body, disrupting their normal functioning and causing low energy in males. Improper diet, internal bleeding and low haemoglobin can cause iron deficiency.

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So, you see there are several reasons why men feel low in energy which has disrupting effects on their private life, but with Quantum Naturals’ Quanto Max you can deal with this condition and revive your love life. All these men’s health supplements have no side effects and can be taken by anybody to experience instant results.

If you too have been a prey to such a condition (low energy levels), do let us know if you feel this article was helpful. You can try our men’s health supplements which are the best performance enhancer and energy booster for males. You can also send us your feedback or queries regarding the issue via mail; we are always happy to help.