Fenugreek Extract

80% Galactomannan, 500Mg


  • Helps in prediabetes stage
  • Good for weight watchers
  • Improves carbohydrate metabolism


1 (one) capsule twice daily along with meals or as recommended by the health care professional.




  • Helpful in prediabetes stage
  • Clinical studies shows that Fenugreek is helpful to slow down the rate of sugar absorption and thus has antidiabetic effect 

Ingredients table

Serving size – 1 capsules
Serving per container – 120
Amount per serving Value per 100 gm Value per serving
Calories K cal/100 gm 337.60 1.69
Fat 0.48 0.002
Carbohydrate 81.45 g 0.40
Sugar (as Sucrose) % ND ND
Protein 1.83 g 0.01
Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia)Fruit dry extract * 500 mg
Free of sucrose, yeast, milk derivatives, wheat or corn starch, gluten and preservatives. Only food grade FDA approved colours used.

* Value not established


A dietary supplement is a preparation which supplies essential nutrients which are missing in one’s diet. A dietary supplement can be a vitamin, mineral, herb or concentrated extract. Dietary supplements are intended to increase total dietary intake of missing nutrients, the lack which leads to several disorders.

Fenugreek (Trigonellafoenum-graecum) a member of the Fabaceaefamily.Fenugreekseed extracts have been reported to lower blood glucose levels. The Galactomannan-rich soluble fibre fraction of fenugreek may be responsible for the anti-diabetic activity of the seeds.

Fenugreek helps maintaining blood sugar levels as its extract Galactomannan absorb extra carbohydrate from body and thus lowers blood sugar level.

Fenugreek improves redistribution of body fat and with the presence of Galactomannan, further helps better weight management.

Fenugreek is safe as it contains natural and pure extract.

There are no reported side effects with the use of Fenugreek. In case of any adverse reaction, please consult your healthcare professional.

1 (one) capsule twice daily along with meals or as recommended by the health care professional.

No worries start off again with the regular dosage, and maintain healthy blood sugar level.

Avoid high carbohydrate food and sugar in your diet. Regular exercise leads to better results.

No studies have been conducted with Fenugreek for biological or physical interactions with alcohol or nicotine. However, it is advisable to avoid alcohol or smoking while being on Fenugreek.

The effects of Fenugreek will start within fortnight. Results may vary with individuals.

If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

Fenugreekis safe and can be taken for long duration.

Blood sugar levels should be checked once in a week while taking Fenugreek.

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