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Message from Founder and Managing Director

Hi Friends,

This is about me and Quantum Naturals.

Recollecting some of my earlier memories, the first time I stumbled upon the term Quantum was when I came across this book called Quantum Healing, authored by one of my favorite archetype mentors, Dr. Deepak Chopra. Coincidentally, I had always been interested in going beyond religious metaphors and wanted to have an experiential understanding of the demystified spiritual world. Quantum Healing made my mind turn on this exciting journey leading to learning and practicing meditation, which I started when I was 21 years old and, to date, has kept me anchored in the Field. It provided desired escape velocity to overcome so many challenges and continues to do so. It also gave me the courage to take almost the entire responsibility for my life and made me experience the deliciousness of freedom.

I conceptualised Quantum Naturals in 2010. Although going with this name at that time, I had apprehensions of it not resonating well with our stakeholders, mainly related to the field of health and nutrition. However, fortunately, it turned out to be a good decision. The company logo, personally developed by me, also truly represented the Quantum Field. It has the Sun shining and its relationship with our planet and all the existence, including our life sustaining friends - The plants.

The decision, therefore, to go for alternative medicine, especially for lifestyle health conditions, one of the biggest challenges being faced by humanity today, turned out to be not only a good decision but has become my ultimate life’s passion.

Plant-based nutrition as phyto energies became the primary identified source, specifically when provided in innovative forms became the organisation’s central theme. We used this science of Phytochemical and created herbal formulations and functional food. Response has been very encouraging with many repeat buyers.

Going forward, many more innovations, especially in the field of functional food, are in the making, and we look forward enlarging our offerings.

Do visit us at Please feel free to connect with me at and be part of the Quantum journey.

Take Care, Cheers!! Gurmukh